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Why Downplaying your Dealership’s Data Privacy Management can be a Bet-the-Business Decision 

Ed Hopkins, Fisher Phillips 

All Colorado auto dealerships collect, store and rely on personal information that cybercriminals consider digital gold. You’re a high-value target and it’s a matter of time before you’re attacked.

For obvious reasons, cyberattacks and reputation-ruining data breaches are on the rise — along with the costs to respond to them.

Class action lawsuits alleging intentional and negligent failures to keep private consumer and employee data safe are on the rise.

There’s no reason to quote scary numbers; after all, you’ve seen them. Now you need to know why ignoring these trends is a bet-the-business decision.

Join us as Fisher Phillips Partner Ed Hopkins explains how Colorado’s dealerships are subject to a slate of state and federal laws that govern how you collect, process, use, disclose, store, safeguard and dispose of personal information.

Designed for dealer principals, general managers, IT managers, business managers and controllers, Ed will show you how taking steps now to comply reduces the chances of litigation and enforcement actions, while protecting your brand.

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