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Under the Hood:
Service Department Legal Compliance

Michael Dommermuth and Colin Walker, Fairfield and Woods, P.C.

Last year was anything but normal; it forced many changes in automotive retailing and service.
Colorado has detailed laws governing service department compliance. Failure to follow these laws can result in an award of treble damages and attorney fees.

Designed for HR and Fixed Ops managers; Service directors, managers and writers —and led by industry veterans Michael Dommermuth and Colin Walker, directors with Fairfield & Woods, P.C. — this webinar offers an update on new COVID-19 laws and regulations. You’ll learn more about how your service department and the employees you manage need to comply with these new rules.

Colin will cover Employment law topics, including liability for an employer’s failure to take COVID precautions and testing; Proposition 118, the new paid family and medical leave law enacted by Colorado voters in November; and the new pay equity law that went into effect January 1 — one of the most challenging laws ever faced by Colorado employers.

Michael will cover topics related to consumer consent, documentation and form requirements, electronic transactions, recalls, liability to inform and how to handle abandoned vehicles.

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