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Title Processing after COVID

Cindy Vieyra, Cindy Titles, LLC.

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Now that the state is once again fully open for business, what’s the plan for DMVs getting back to ‘normal’ after COVID?

For example, last year at this time, it took 30 days or more to process a used vehicle title. The turnaround time today is more like the normal of two years ago: three to five days.

What else has changed? What will stay the same? How do we move forward?

In this highly interactive, 2.5-hour seminar, Cindy Vierya, owner of Cindy Titles, LLC, will cover topics that include:

• Handling out-of-state sales
• Using Car Fax to YOUR advantage
• County dealer desk changes
• State appointments for dealer titles, duplicates, registrations and record searches


She’ll be joined by various county DMV title experts, so you’ll know EXACTLY what each county requires when processing your titles.

You'll learn

• Sales & use tax update — based on where your customers live
• How CarFax can become your new best friend
• County desk dealer changes
• Secrets for timely and efficient title processing today
• Handling out-of-state sales

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