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Solar for Auto Dealerships

Ryan Ferrero, Sunpower

Installing rooftop and carport solar have become a cost-reduction strategy for Colorado's entrepreneurial dealers and is rapidly growing among dealerships nationwide.

In the time it takes you to enjoy a cup of coffee, you'll learn about eligible incentives, as well as discover how solar can save and make you money at the same time — today and well into the future. Solar provides elastic savings that combat SAAR fluctuations and can even address open-lot insurance costs with carport solutions.

Join us at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, October 20 as long-time domestic and import Dealer Principal Ryan Ferrero will demystify solar and explain how dealerships are turning their rooftops into income-generating assets and moving electricity from a fixed to a variable expense.

Designed for Dealer Principals, General Managers, CPAs and Controllers, CADA members will receive a complimentary feasibility analysis. With scanned copies of your trailing 12 months of utility bills, you'll see how this analysis will show specifics to your location, facility and electricity usage. That's all the information you need for a go/no-go decision on solar!

You'll learn

  • How to maximize lucrative incentives and solar subsidies

  • How dealers take solar production as income

  • Multiple carport options available that address open-lot insurance and hail mitigation

  • Financing options, including the popular zero down, 8-year financing program.


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