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Solar for Auto Dealerships

Ryan Ferrero, SunPower

Colorado has become one of the most severe, hail-damaged states in the country — and dealers continue to be plagued by dramatic cost increases for open lot coverage, either by major insurance players pulling out of the state or through HUGE increases in open lot premiums.


As a result, dealers are looking for ways to save inventory from devastating hail storms while lowering insurance premiums and reducing electricity costs. Yet it can be a bit of a maze to navigate.


A special one-hour webinar, Solar for Auto Dealerships, where you'll learn how solar can offset up to 100 percent of your electricity consumption, all while protecting your inventory. You'll learn about the 2019 Investment Tax Credit rates, MACRS depreciation and local energy rebates; when you add up all the credits and depreciation, it almost becomes a no brainer.


This webinar also walks you through the construction process, incentives to offset investment, cost savings and ROI timetables.


The webinar is led by former award-winning, top-volume Colorado franchise dealer Ryan Ferrero. Today, Ryan is SunPower's National Auto Division Manager, a business strategist, speaker and industry advocate whose mission is to share the financial benefits of solar with auto industry leaders. He'll be accompanied by Katherine Lillydahl, SunPower's Commercial Sales Manager of the Rocky Mountain region, who's massive level of carport knowledge is backed by a B.S. in Environmental Science from Lehigh University and a M.A. degree in Climate and Society from Columbia University.


They'll share what several Colorado dealerships are doing with solar canopies — and how these canopies have resulted in more sales.

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