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Seconds from Chaos: Hackers in the dealership
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Seconds from Chaos:
Hackers in the dealership

Todd Cronin, Ryu Team

It’s Friday morning before a long weekend and every staff member reports that their computers are down.

Sales associates can’t process credit applications, the marketing department can’t run campaigns, service can’t schedule appointments or order parts — and one prospective buyer just walked out.

The IT department has been working on the problem all day, with minimal progress. And now another roof top is reporting the same problems.

There are two kinds of dealerships in the world: Those that have experienced this scenario and those that will. In both cases, the losses are extraordinary.

And they’re preventable.

Join us as cybersecurity expert, Todd Cronin, founder/CEO of Ryu Team provides data and insights gathered from incidents Ryu Team has responded to over the years in dealerships nationwide.

He’ll lead us through a timeline of events that lead up to security breaches, what happens next, how to minimize the damage and get back to operations.

This first of a 4-part series will keep you informed on the latest cyber threats to the automotive industry — and how to prevent these disruptive attacks with efficient solutions.

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