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Insider’s Secrets to Processing Title Work

Have you ever wondered if there’s information to help you complete title paperwork and get fewer rejections?


We’re excited to present our newly developed course, led by Lindsay DeHoff, owner of Colorado Titles & Tags. This interactive, 2-hour session will cover essential topics, including:


  • Several 8-digit Lessor Sales Tax Account numbers and how to find the Location ID (ending 4 digits)

  • How to find City Jurisdiction Codes for Lease Tax Receipts

  • A list of home rule and statutory cities

  • ELT numbers for all current Electronic Lien & Title Lenders

  • Handling new revision dates on DMV Forms

  • Tips and tricks for finding fuel types, body styles and vehicle color

  • Approved Sales & Use tax location tools


We’ll take a deeper dive into must-have information required by the DMV for each document, commonly used CO forms that accompany the title, how to properly assign out-of-state titles, file a lien using any security agreement and accurately complete sales tax receipts.

You’ll learn

  • How to find information to complete title paperwork

  • Fundamental titling concepts that can be applied to a variety of transactions

  • Current county preferences, reasons for rejections & more

  • How to calculate and remit sales & use tax for leases and financed deals

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