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Abandoned Vehicles - Checklist
Abandoned Vehicles (distinguished from)
Aboveground Storage Tanks (ASTs)
Additional place of business
Address of registration / tax collection
Advertising - dealer board rules
Advertising - Dealer Board Rules
Advertising - must include dealer's name
Airbags - must be for that make, model, yr
Airbags - written authorization if salvage
Area of Responsibility (changes)
Auction - wholesale dealer
Audits - Manufacturers
Automobile Theft Prevention Authority board
Bailment charges
Bird dog fees
Bond - dealer license
Bond - salesperson license
Brokers - compensation disclosure required
Brokers - general
Business entity change
Buyers agent
Buyers Agent - cannot be paid by dealer
Compensation disclosure required - Brokers
Completion date for repairs
Compliance inspection checklist, AID
Computer system / security breach notice
Consumer Credit Code (UCCC) - Filing forms
Damage Disclosure - RM 615 Sample form
Damage Disclosure - 895 Sample Affidavit
Dealer Board
Dealer license - application checklist
Dealer license - Temporary
Dealer license (new)
Dealer license (used)
Dealer stub/temporary permit (sample/instructions)
Delivery & Handling Fees (D&H) - Attorney General letters
Delivery & Handling Fees (D&H) - Sample sign
Demonstrator plates
Demo drives - overnight / outside regular hours, special requirements
Depot plates / tags
Depot plates / tags - Application form
Disassembly of parts
Disclosure - salvage / rebuilt
Emissions - boundaries - Diesel Program
Emissions - boundaries - Gas Program
Emissions - Exempt stickers - guidelines/purchase agreement
Emissions - Exempt stickers (4-year)
Emissions - map - Diesel Program
Emissions - map - Larimer County
Emissions - testing vouchers
Employment - Labor - Guide/Overview from DOL
Enforcement standards / Auto Industry Division
Evidence of lawful presence (licensing ID checks)
Exam - licensing
Exam - licensing - Affidavit of completion form
Exclusivity requirement disallowed
Export chargebacks (manufacturer)
Extended warranty
Facility Upgrade / Location Change Limitations
Finance charges - maximums
Financing - illegal to 'guarantee'
Financing fails - Required Notice
Fitness of character requirements
Flood / water damaged vehicles
"Free" in advertisements
Full use plates
Giveaways at tradeshows
Hold harmless provision - DOR Memo
Hold harmless provisions - sales/use tax
Home rule cities
ID verification - licensing
Incentives - Manufacturers
Inspection - duty under Auto Theft Law
In-transit plates
Inventory access requirements (manufacturer)
Investigations (Auto Industry Division contact name)
Invoices - repair - requirements
Lemon buy-back
Lemon Law - State publication / summary
Lender responsibility to timely forward title
License changes -- Name / ownership changes
License changes --Notice of Ownership change form
License inquiry database (IDS) system
Lien Perfection
Lien Perfection (30 days)
Lien perfection date - tax discrepancies do not delay
Lien Release - Lenders - 15 days
Manufacturer - unlawful acts / restrictions
Military Lending Act
National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS).
National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS); map of state status
Notice requirements - manufacturers
Odometer - repair
Off Site Sales / Permits - Application form
Oil - ASTs, Changes effective 4/14/2011
Oil - ASTs, Monthly Inspection form
Oil - ASTs, Ullage log form
Out of state sales / out of state residents exempt
Out of state titles - search required
Ownership tax
Penalties and fines / Dealer Board
Place of registration / tax collection
Place of registration / title processing
Plates - lost or stolen Affidavit form
Powersports Dealers
Pre-licensing (used dealers only)
Prepaid Maintenance
Principal place of business requirements
Proof of ownership - dealers
Rearview mirror
Rebuilt from salvage
Re-contracting; must not pre-date contracts
Recordkeeping - repair shops - daily records
Relevant market area 
Repair cancellations
Repair shop - recordkeeping - daily records
Repossession (12-day rule for non-payment)
Repossession - consumer credit sales; notice
Repossession - list of bonded repossessors
Repossession - sample notice letter
Repossession - self-help
Repossession - state titles/reg guidance
Repossession - statement of repo form
Right to rescind (not on vehicle sales)
Safety requirements
Salesperson - transfer / change of employment
Salesperson license
Salesperson license application form
Salesperson licensing exam
Salvage brands - other state examples
Salvage vehicles
Sample notice letters - 12-day restoration of lien
Seat Belts
Secure and Verifiable ID (SVID)
Secure and Verifiable ID (SVID)
Secure and Verifiable ID (SVID) - Guidelines
Secure and Verifiable ID (SVID) - ID types
Security Breach Notification
Storage charges
Successor rights (manufacturers)
Surcharges - credit card transactions (cannot)
Suspension system
Tax collection - dealer duty
Tax reform coalition
Tax database - state IDS system
Tax database providers - sales/use tax lookup
Tax - Denver declaration regarding residence
Tax exemption affidavit--out of state sale
Tax exemption affidavit--out of state sale
Tax forms - where to find
Tax FYI publications
Tax lookup by address (sales/use)
Tax rate listing, DR1002
Temporary permits - expiration dates
Temporary permits - ID checking
Termination protections (manufacturers)
Title / registration - national publications - all states
Title by bond process - for problem titles
Title delivery / 30-days (dealers)
Title delivery / 15-days (lenders)
Title processing - paperwork
Title Processing forms
Title processing manual - State; how to order
Truncation - credit card receipts
Turn signals
TV screens in vehicle
Unclaimed Property - Electronic reporting software
Unclaimed Property - Examples
Unclaimed Property - Property code / dormancy period chart
Unclaimed Property - Sample due diligence letter
Use tax
Violations (dealers)
Violations (salespersons)
Warranty / incentive audits (manufacturer)
Waste Tire - 'Generator' registration requirements
Waste Tire Recycling Fee
Wholesaler's license
Window tinting
Windshield wipers

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