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How to avoid lawsuits — and what to do when you are sued

Michael Dommermuth & Adrian Castro, Fairfield and Woods

You’re careful. Some might say you’re too careful. But when it comes to avoiding lawsuits, you can never be careful enough! Designed for dealer principals, general managers and department leaders with bottom-line accountability, the prevention side of this two-hour webinar offers advice on avoiding a lawsuit. And the best way to do that is by having a solid internal process, including disclosing everything about a vehicle and how you handle spot delivery.


This discussion covers the legal significance of a retail installment sales contract (RISC) — and why you should not enter two RISCs at the same time. Service department issues include best practices for loaners. On the sales side, do you know your credit check rights? If you are sued, topics include retaining records and conducting a thorough and objective investigation to determine defense strategies. Also discussed will be arbitration versus court and the importance of class action waivers.

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