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FTC Safeguards Rule and Colorado Privacy Act: A compliance solution

The Federal Trade Commission recently finalized revisions to its Safeguards Rule that creates significant additional technical and administrative compliance requirements for dealers and others. This includes internal penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, use of multifactor authentication, data encryption, security awareness training and performing written risk assessments.

Because the FTC’s revised Safeguards Rule takes effect December 9, dealers must act fast to comply or risk penalties of up to $46,517 for each violation. NADA estimated that when opposing the rule, compliance costs could run as much as $276,925 each year for each dealership.
It’s why CADA has endorsed ComplyAuto, an experienced dealership compliance company that specializes in automating the complexities of privacy and cybersecurity requirements through software and other tools, to help make compliance with these extensive new regulations affordable to dealers.

Designed for dealer principals, general managers, controllers, IT staff and general counsel — or other staff responsible for information security — join us for this fast-paced webinar to ensure you’re safe by the December 9 deadline!

You’ll learn

• Requirements of the GLBA Safeguards Rule
• How the Colorado Privacy Act affects the dealership
• What your IT company needs to do to help ensure compliance
• ComplyAuto’s one-stop solution for compliance in these areas

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