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Employee Retention Credit:
The biggest and most-misunderstood tax incentive

If you took out a PPP loan to keep your doors open and employees on board, you could be eligible for a federal Employee Retention Credit.

For each employee you kept throughout 2020, you could receive up to a $5,000 credit, and another $7,000/quarter through 2021.

These credits are sent to you in the form of a check from the IRS, to use any way you want. In fact, the Employee Retention Credit is one of the largest credits available to business owners, delivering thousands of dollars in credits for each employee with qualified wages.

Join us as alliantgroup Associate Director Johnathon Johnson presents a special 1.5-hour webinar, Employee Retention Credit: The biggest and most misunderstood tax incentive.

Designed for dealer principals and owners, Johnathon will share information on the single largest tax break available to American businesses. This incentive was recently changed by Congress so more businesses can take advantage of it.

Johnathon will walk you through misconceptions and how you can use the credit to potentially generate a substantial cash refund.

You’ll learn

• Why it’s likely you haven’t heard about this before now
• How to know if you qualify
• The application process for what could be a substantial credit
• When you can expect to receive your refund

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