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(Pre-Purchased) Gearing up for Colorado's New Pay Equity Law
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Gearing up for Colorado’s New Pay Equity Law

Last year, Colorado's state legislature passed the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act, which overlays the 57-year-old federal Equal Pay Act, and goes into effect January 1.

Nuances to the Colorado law could put your dealership at risk of a pay audit — or worse, a lawsuit that could easily run you into the mid-six figures, if you don't have all your 'ducks in a row.'

Join us as Fisher Phillips Partner Todd Fredrickson leads the timely and important webinar: Gearing up for Colorado's New Pay Equity Law.

He'll discuss the federal and new state laws and take a deeper dive into the additional requirements of the Colorado law, along with the practical steps you can take now.

Designed for dealer principals, general managers, HR managers, business managers and controllers, Todd will walk you through preparing or updating compensation plans and job descriptions to comply with federal and state regulations.

And if you ARE audited, he'll outline what you can expect from the U.S. and Colorado Departments of Labor.


You'll learn

  • How to modify hiring policies and practices too accommodate the new Colorado law

  • Steps for performing a preventive self-audit, or working with HR professionals or legal counsel to arm you with sufficient information to perform audits on your behalf

  • How too compare positions within your organization to determine similarities for equal pay purposes, along with legitimate differences in pay, based on exceptions under federal and state law


Processing Titles during COVID 19: The new DMV norm

Cindy Vieyra, Cindy Titles, LLC.

If you've been processing vehicle titles for any length of time, you know it's been a relentless year of change under COVID-19. The days are gone where you could send a runner to the DMV and get a title the same day, next day at the latest.

It's even worse with used car title processing, where now it could be a month or more to get a dealer title on a vehicle.

Join us as Colorado title expert Cindy Vierya, owner of Cindy Titles LLC, leads a two-hour webinar, Processing Titles during COVID-19. In this highly interactive webinar, she'll cover topics that include handling out-of-state sales, using CarFax to YOUR advantage, DMV Delaer Desk and state processes for dealer titles/duplicates/registrations.

She'll be joined by Sage Yazzolino, formerly with Jefferson County and now serves as Adams County Motor Vehicle Data Analyst and Compliance specialist in the Clerk & Recorder's office.

You'll learn

  • How to process out-of-state sales under COVID-19

  • How Car Fax can become your best friend

  • DMV Dealer Desk, open hours by county

  • What the state's processes are for dealer titles, duplicates and registrations

  • Secrets for timely, efficient title processing during the pandemic


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