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Colorado Dealer Compliance Guide,
Fourth Edition

Matthew Groves, Colorado Automobile Dealers Association 
Michael DommermuthFairfield and Woods, P.C.
Randy EarnestFairfield and Woods, P.C.

Click the PDF Button to download the course presentation deck.

Laws and regulations change. And during the past four years, including COVID-driven initiatives, how you do business in Colorado will not look the same again.

Designed for your dealership’s key leaders, join us for the webinar as Michael Dommermuth, Randy Earnest and Matthew Groves offer an overview of the Colorado Dealer Compliance Guide’s fourth edition. They’ll provide educational and entertaining discussions of Colorado compliance issues.

Also, they will share practical knowledge and experience about current compliance issues for Colorado dealers as they walk you through the Guide’s now-58 sections.

Updates include 7 new chapters:

  1. Electronic Vehicle Registration

  2. Emissions Tampering & Catalytic Converters

  3. FTC Safeguards Rules (Cybersecurity)

  4. Healthy Workplaces & Families Act

  5. Motion Picture Licensing Corporation (TV/Music licensing)

  6. Pay Equalization Law

  7. Zero Emission Vehicle Regulation

You’ll learn

  • An overview of important dealer legal and regulatory compliance

    What dealers gain through electronic registration & title

  • Material changes to Colorado dealership law and compliance requirements, including Title, Credit Cards, GAP and Mechanics’ Liens/Abandoned Vehicle

  • How the Pay Equalization Law and Healthy Workplaces & Families Act affect you, your HR department and your staff

  • How CADA legislative efforts over the past four years have been enacted into law

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